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Allcock's Duplex threadline reel

The Allcock’s Duplex Threadline Spinning Reel

The Allcock’s Duplex reel is probably one of the simplest of all ideas. On the surface it’s to convert a reel from left to right hand wind, or is it? Allcock’s in association with a Mr B J Wakeflied of Plymouth jointly sealed a Patent on May 10th 1932. The production
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Hardy Jet Salmon Fly Rod

The lure of Hardy glass fibre rods.

Being of a certain age I remember the 1960’s, 70s & 80’s as a time of tackle innovation and no personal funds! Nose pressed against the tackle shop window lusting after the iconic Hardy rods I would one day be able to afford… Back to the current day and there
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The Hogarth that wasn't

The Hogarth reel, or maybe not!

One of the best tools any tackle collector can have is the now out of print reference book, To Catch A Fisherman by the late Jamie Maxtone-Graham, 2nd edition 1984. Allegedly all the fishing tackle patents compressed into one book, by name, Patent no. and application design. When I told
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King's patent side casting tournament reel

The Kings of Nottingham.

This is a rare early Kings Patent side-casting tournament reel, what a cracker! Patent 1905/12, that’s 1912 by Mr F King, it features a 4″ diameter mahogany wood backplate made in the Nottingham style. A very complex reel for its date and quite fragile too. It has a tapered shallow drum
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Malloch style reel

Multum in Parvo and Fishing Reel Design

Multum in Parvo is a Latin phrase that was used by Hardy’s to advertise their black japanned lure boxes. It translates as ‘Much into little’. No better phrase to describe this wood and brass side casting tournament-style reel then! Cleary designed on the Malloch principle, this reel has a spring
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Hardy's Halcyon Lures
Ephemera & Misc.

Hardy’s Halcyon Days

One of the most decorative of all the Hardy baits are the Halcyon & Improved Halcyon lures. They came in many shapes and sizes, all peacock hearl and silk with a finned style head. I have seen them with single, double and treble hook rigs. BUT did you know in
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Allcock Paragon Lure
Ephemera & Misc.

The Allcock Paragon lure by Gregory

Many years ago, (approx. 25-30) I travelled around the Midlands tackle shops on the hunt for second-hand vintage tackle. Leaving leaflets in every fishing shop, occasionally I would get a call; some good, some not so. However, one day I visited a long established shop in central Birmingham. The father
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Malloch's side cast reel

We were all at it in the 1900’s

When PD Malloch of Perth, Scotland, patented his side-caster in 1884, he changed the thinking in terms of casting, spinning and worming. Most of us will have seen many variations on these reels in some form; brass, alloy, brass & alloy, single wind, geared and a few odd ball variants to boot.
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Nordisk fishing shop

Nottingham to Oslo

We have just been contacted by Lasse Merkesda, of the Nordisk Fishing Tackle Shop in Oslo, Norway where a customer had brought in an old wooden reel to investigate its history. This is a Nottingham pattern English wood and brass starback reel. Probably made by either Slater of Newark or Heatons
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