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The Fishing Gazette Winch c 1895 R B Marston

One of the most unusual brass reels for any collector is the Fishing Gazette Winch. It was designed by R

Collecting vintage tackle on a budget

Can it be done? Yes! Vintage fishing reels can sell for hundreds or even thousands of pounds, but can you

The Hardy Auxiliary Brake reels

Hardy were experts in innovation, so when the customer who bought the Hardy Perfect reel asked for additional braking control
Ephemera & Misc.

My Farlow teapot

You know your company advertising works when a collector offers you a rare Farlow China teapot. Many collectors do have
St George Salmon reel

Hardy St George Salmon Reel

This Hardy St George salmon reel is a low production reel dating from c. 1920-24. Available in ‘take it or
Milward's Brownie

The Milward Brownie is not what you think

No the Milward Brownie is not edible, it’s Mr S Brown’s Patent wood drum reel that started life in 1921

The Ainsco of Leeds reciprocating cam fishing reel.

One of the most elusive of all the threadline collectors reels is the Ainsco of Leeds reciprocating cam fishing reel.
Ephemera & Misc.

The Gentle Art of Slooping.

It’s fascinating how many of the terms or names given to fishing tackle 100 years ago have changed. OK so
Allcock's Commodore

Allcock’s Commodore big game and big value fishing reel

Allcock’s “Commodore” 6 inch Saltwater Boat Reel is often overlooked by collectors in favour or Hardy, Farlows and their famous
Eggington fishing rods

Eggington & Sons Rod Makers of Merton, London

I have said it before, like buses and policemen, can’t find one then three come along together! That’s what happened
Jardine pike gag
Ephemera & Misc.

How to Gag a Pike the Jardine Way.

Alfred Jardine Esq. was undoubtably one of the most famous and successful of early pike anglers. With the introduction of
George F Ball free Flo spinning reel

The George F Ball Free Flo spinning reel for trigger happy anglers.

The Wyatt Erp of casting reels, this unusual vintage George F Ball Free Flo spinning reel is not easy to