My Keith Linsell original watercolour is an acquired taste

A recent trip to the historic Stratford upon Avon on a tackle call produced this unusual painting.

I’m not normally a collector of art but as part of the deal I had to take it.

The Essex artist Keith Linsell is famed from his illustrations in many books and periodicals including the Angling Times and Fred Bullers book among many others.

This is a little different, it’s also signed.

It’s an original watercolour on board approx. 24” x 17” in a very 1970‘s red velvet and gold wood frame.

To the rear a paper sticker reads “The painting or any part of it may only be reproduced by arrangement with the artist etc.”

Initially the painting leaned behind a pile of rods, but over the days and weeks I’m warming towards it, like flared trousers always hopeful they will come back into fashion.

So now it hangs in the tackle room to be enjoyed and is sure to spark a conversation with any collector.

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