Big lure fishing in your garden with Rapala

This afternoon, taking a break from listing I thought a spot of fishing would be good for rest and recreation.

I screwed the huge Hardy Fortuna 9” ex wide big game reel with aux brake onto the Hardy Zane Grey Palakona rod and wondered, what lure shall I choose today?

Simples, it’s my 30” long Rapala shop display lure which will balance the outfit nicely.

A 2000 yard spool of 200lb braid wound on, we’re off fishing.

With all the rain recently there is plenty of water about at the bottom of the garden. With some excitement I cast and instantly caught…the garden hut!

Despite all my efforts to retrieve the hut, it wasn’t happening, it does weigh nearly a ton! Nor was there any joy in bending the Zane Grey ex heavy rod.

This outfit is a monster, rare and fine it’s one of the best wall hangers about, all you need is £10,000 and a 24” nail to hold it.