Farlow Sextile brass line drier 1st model

Line driers and winders have been around for centuries.

One of the most decorative and rare examples is the all brass 1st Model of the Farlow Sextile drier shown here.

It arrived with its original wood box and with the “How to Use” label attached to the underside of lid; it’s a nice touch too.

Designed to be a table top drier rather than a walkabout model, it’s sheer genius in design and construction.

Measuring approx. 10” overall including the cast metal table clamp and handle it’s substantial in weight and quality. The crank winding arm is stamped with makers details.
Fully expanded the frame will wind in 24” of line per turn so it doesn’t take long to strip a line from the reel for dressing or drying.

These are still available today in modern lightweight alloy; they do the same job but lack the character and rarity of the original model. Pricing is in the £400-600 bracket, a great useable accessory for any tackle collector or silk line angler. This one is available here.

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