The Intrepid Monarch Mk 1 reel

In celebration of Prince Charles 70th birthday we thought we should showcase our own Monarch.

This one is from the Ken P Morritt stable of die cast alloy reels. Surely every young angler in the Uk owned one of the Intrepid range. This one from the early 1960s cost approx. 19 shillings.

Built in the Intrepid Works in Cheam, Surrey, Morrit was recognised as a leader in die cast technology for the fishing reel industry, bringing excellent value for money reels to the angler on a budget.

These come in various colours including gold and I believe a pink, this blue example is still in fine working order. It’s super smooth to wind, has a very fine ratchet system with the on/off lever located at the back of the gear casing. A simple one-piece wire bail works against itself to create tension.

It stays open and it snaps shut.

A cast alloy 3-star adjuster changes the tension of the spool drag.

In all, it’s not actually that bad for its period. OK it’s never going to be a Hardy Altex or French built Mitchell, but everyone who owned one kinda wants to own another.

There are Intrepid collector websites and forums and why not?

The Ford Model T was never meant to be a Bentley but it’s loved just as much at a fraction of the cost.

Morritt went on to produce approx. 70 varied models for spinning, fly and multiplier fishing. Famous models in the Continental, Supreme, Challenger, Envoy, Diplomat and Sea Streak among others, all very grand sounding.

This boxed Monarch Mk1 example might be worth £20-30 with rare models upwards of £100, but that’s not the point, it is a piece of heritage.