Wyers Frères et Brehier catalogue of 1955

Not because it was my birth year (!) but because we see very few Wyers catalogues it’s worth a mention.

This anglers guide gives a rare insight into the premises at No 30 Quai Du Louvre, in Paris.

Resembling an old chemist shop with its beautiful mahogany shop fittings, it must have been a joy to visit.

The images shown here show a broad selection of both fishing and diving equipment.

A large wooden canoe is suspended from the ceiling whilst the lady cashier waits in her glazed cubicle to take payment for the goods.

Tackle is supplied from a variety of makers from the USA, UK, and Europe with a mix of homegrown stamped items too.

Spearguns, goggles, diving suits and masks fill 11 pages of the catalogues so it’s a serious department within the shop.

Wyers Frères have always had a good collector following.

But it wasn’t until the El Helou collection came up for sale at Christie’s auction house in 1999 that they hit collector royalty.

The framed Victorian lures, float and accessory displays you can see under the shop counter in one image were sold with some reaching well over £20,000 per frame.

This clearly demonstrates that quality always sells. The catalogue is in stock at the time of writing, click here to view.