Farlow’s Turntable light casting reel 1924-37

Despite a production run of approx. 13 years the Farlow Turn Table or Light Bait Casting reel rarely turns up.

Its probably one of the early threadline or casting reels most collectors will never see on their shelf.

A little reel, fitting in the palm of your hand and of such high quality too, I never owned one in the past when collecting Threadlines.

A revolving plate stamped with makers marks and white handle. An intricate brass spring lever lock twisting spring back foot and a shallow drum all indicate light line and small casting weights.

The competition in the 1920s for side casting reels was relatively little, but as the 1930s unfolded all sorts of developments came to the fore,

The fixed spool reels of Illingworth, Allen, Chippindale, Rudge and latterly Hardy all played the part in transforming the forward cast or stationary drum reels. So the little long running Farlow reel is now very collectable, often selling in the four figure £ sum range if you can find one.

Interestingly, I’ve never seen an original box and would welcome any images of one to add to this blog.


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