Eggington & Sons Rod Makers of Merton, London

Eggington fishing rods

I have said it before, like buses and policemen, can’t find one then three come along together!

That’s what happened this week.

Eggington & Son rods of Merton in London are not that common despite being in business for over 50 years. You would expect them to be behind every tree, but they’re not.

Established in the 1920’s, the father and son’s business was a handmade variety of rods, more unusual than common patterns and these are proof of that.

By far my favourite is the 10’ two-piece whole cane roach type rod with a greenheart spliced in tip.

Eggington fishing rod

Lovely little rod, just long enough to be useable and short enough to be light to handle.

The whole cane bamboo butt gives rigidity whist the greenheart, although heaver, gives softness to the tip for bite detection and casting. A well thought out rod.

Eggington fishing rod

The 12’ three-piece whole cane butt Avon style rod is not common and the fly rod with cedar butt, well I’ve never seen another like it.

Interesting the makers transfer logos are all different (see main image), and so it opens another collector interest with the Eggington range, collect the various logo transfer decals as B James rod collectors already do.

Eggington rod makers

Price-wise they are still very affordable and as good vintage tackle is constantly on the rise, they are a safe bet for the future.

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