When is a Speedia not a Speedia?

Most of us in the collecting world or centre pin fishing fraternity recognize the Speedia reel on the left. Distinctive with its tan handles, black finish and shiny nickel pillar drum core, it’s a true centre pin reel. In some people’s eyes it will never be an Aerial but at the price they have a strong following and are always a popular collectable, on the up price wise too.

This mint boxed example should sell for over £100.

The smaller bright drum reel to the right I bought from a dealer a few weeks ago because it intrigued me, why so?

Look at the backplate. It’s virtually identical to the Speedia De-luxe, in its casting form, raised rings, centre spindle locking and it just looks Speedia-ish!

So, if you have some information about this baby Speedia please drop me a line, or better still a named example or catalogue reference would be great to tie up some loose ends in the vintage trotting reel family album.

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