Hardy Fortuna 9” ex wide with auxiliary brake

Our recent hard work and good fortune brought a huge collection of vintage modern and classic big game fishing tackle from Spain.

At the top of the rarity pile is this Hardy Fortuna 9” ex wide reel with factory auxiliary brake.

Launched in 1921, the first series of reels were called the Hardy Tuna models. This changed name to the Fortuna in 1924 and typical of Hardy, why Fortuna, because it’s FOR TUNA, simples! Although there is a school of thought that as most of the Tuna or Tunny fisherman were not short of pennies, the reel would cost a fortuna to buy and they would have to have it irrespective of price.

According to John Drewitt’s excellent book “Hardy Brothers The Masters the Men and their Reels” there were only forty nine 9” ex wide Fortuna reels made between 1934 and 1936, and only 9 left the factory with auxiliary brakes, making this one of only 9 in the world which in my book makes it truly RARE.

If you don’t have John’s book invest the money and buy one! It’s stuffed with little known facts about the Hardy reels most of us never knew and is a must have for any Hardy collector.

This reel is in super condition, runs silky smooth, just purrs on the ratchet check and when taken apart it’s a credit to Hardy that such small internal components can take the massive pressures imposed on this monster.

Just listed, and what an amazing opportunity for any Hardy collector to bag such a rare reel. Click here to buy it.