The Howban of Moseley, Birmingham threadline casting reel

Few of these come up these days: the Howban Reel, made by The Howban Fishing Tackle Company of 108c Alcester Road, Moseley Birmingham, England.          

It’s a 1950s creation looking rather odd and out-dated if you compare it to the established Mitchell 300 which had been about for nearly 20 years. It shows the effort to improve casting greater distances with the twisting foot principle. Indeed recently a series of J W Young centre pin reels, namely the Ray Walton Rolling Pin, was fitted a similar twisting foot assembly.

These Howban reels come with a variety of handle and guide O ring colours giving a little range to collect.

The maker’s original boxes are scarce and add a chunk to the value of a complete set with papers. The reel is wound through the back and was ideal for left or right handed anglers as claimed on the maker’s leaflet.

Values approx. £250-£350 dependent on condition.