The Hardy Perfect reel seat blade

Over the years we are constantly asked for a classic reel which fits both modern and older rods, especially by salmon anglers.

The Hardy Perfect, so called as the company considered it to be the perfect reel design, is a classic reel with many fitting and size options.

The Perfect has been about since the 1890s and has in the main remained basically unchanged.

The early or older Hardy reels have a longer foot blade. Initially cast from brass they moved toward alloy as Hardy became accustomed to working with this ground-breaking new lightweight material.

The issue with a modern carbon fibre rod is a combination of reduced handle diameter and reel seat operating length.

The longer reel foot of 85-110 mm of the older reels will often not fit into a modern rod seat. However, a solution is at hand.

A number of the 1950-60’s Hardy Perfect range will often have 65mm feet allowing them to be used on virtually all rods.

So whether you want to match a reel to a cane or bamboo rod, a glass fibre rod (which are making a return to favour) or a carbon-graphite rod these will multi task the job.

If you’re concerned about reel seat fitments drop us an email relating to a specific reel of your choice and we can check the fitment for you.



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