Auger Tackle “The Augermatic” Patent Applied for spinning reel

This is one of my favourite wacky collector reels.

The rare Auger Tackle of England “The Augermatic” Patent App.  vintage spinning reel.

Measuring approx. 6-1/2” long, it’s a left hand wind reel with an unusual lever pull system, which pushes the drum into the front cone housing to release the line. A screw disc adjuster is positioned at the end of the handle spindle, and a knurled wheel drag on the side of the gear casing.

This is a fully working example, which is rare.

It retains good original factory green hammered finish and is a talking point in any collection. 

When you consider the famous Mitchell & Hardy Altex spinning reels were on the market at the same time it beggars belief that people still bought these, or didn’t.

That’s said, some people were still buying Allcock Stanley reels in the 1960, so there’s nowt more queer than folk!

Perhaps that’s why so few Augermatics ever turn up.

A boxed example is very rare, I’ve seen a couple in 35 years but to even collect one at all is a result.