Hardy Silex Superba reel from Finn De Langer Bergen, Norway

Another long distance award here, Alnwick to Norway to Scotland to the Midlands and onto the next owner! Over 1000 miles and counting.

This is a fine condition Hardy Silex Superba reel. Built from 1960 to 1971, it’s the successor to the Silex Jewel that was discontinued in 1959.

It comes with a Hardy letter detailing use and care and the correct original box.

This particular example is little used and has a red/gold foil sticker to the rear from tackle shop Finn de Lange Bergen, (Norway) a town in which I still have relatives today. We have blogged about Finn de Lange previously regarding a wooden Nottingham reel brought to them for valuation and they got in touch with us.

So we are reciprocating in showing them a reel which it looks like they have sold new or as a collectable, perhaps the guys will get in touch to shed some light on it.

This reel came as part of the 95 reel collection from Scotland and with its maker’s box; I think it’s just a bit more special for the collector. It’s for sale here.

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