The Milward Brownie is not what you think

Milward's Brownie

No the Milward Brownie is not edible, it’s Mr S Brown’s Patent wood drum reel that started life in 1921 under Patent No 183277.

An interesting little reel! It was side-mounted on the rod, perhaps copied from the USA pattern reels including Pflueger and Southbend, this style remained popular through the 1920-40’s period finally dying off with the onslaught from Hardy and Mitchell with their iconic Altex and 300 models.

Sold only in one size, 3-1/2” diameter it had a polished wood drum on an alloy stem and foot assembly. A spring clip held a push through handle, the makers being Milward Bartleet.

An advert of theirs stated “Change hands, wind in ready for a fresh cast. Note – It may be easier to change the rod to the left hand after the cast and close the reel and replace the line with the right hand,” What!!

Milward's Brownie fishing reel

It had a hinged alloy joint with an indented ball bearing to snap it into place. I have seen a couple of slight differences in handles, line pickup wires and spool detailing.

All in all a very pretty little reel, quite fragile and very light & rare.

A welcome addition to any early spinning reel collection!

Thanks to Chris Sandford for the loan of the example pictured.

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