The Hardy Filey reel was a budget relaunch special

The Hardy Brothers were no fools and they were constantly evaluating products and sales.

The big game and sea angling off the Scarborough shores (15 minutes from Filey) was busy with Tunny and other large species being caught on all types of tackle, from beach, pier and boat.

Scarborough gave its name to a pattern of reel, normally large diameter, single action reels with strong support stems.

Made from wood, brass and alloy, Hardy fielded a good range for this angling category.

So when the pre-1924 Hardy Natal reel, a simple Scarborough pattern of alloy and brass, slowed in sales Hardy relaunched it as the Filey at a fraction of the price to boost sales. The plan didn’t work too well, as only 260 of the reels were made, all 4-1/2” dia. from 1925 until 1939.

Not that the quality was compromised, it has a bronze screw adjustable cover to prevent salt water penetrating inside and it’s a sturdy reel.

They were stamped with Hardy details to the brass support stem, but not seen one stamped Filey. I stand to be corrected as Hardy are difficult to quantify 100% accurately in many areas.

The one photographed here has been over painted in black at some time in its life. It’s suffered surface corrosion – we like to think this adds character – and has been fished. Clearly not mint & original as some collectors love, but as a starter example to upgrade later, it’s a good example for what is a rarely seen sea reel. For sale here.

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