Hardy special edition leather fly rod tubes – only 20 made

When the opportunity came to buy 20 high quality Hardy leather fly rod tubes direct from Hardy, we couldn’t pass up the offer.

Hardy had in mind to build 20 special split cane fly rods and these tubes were made to fit the rods which sadly never went into production.

In one of our Thomas Turner website videos we chat to Chris Clemes, a classic rod maker about all things split cane.

During the conversation he spoke of a leather rod tube and its benefits in the storage of cane.

He pointed out that as leather could naturally breathe it allows a small amount of air into the tube to circulate about the rods.

A wool pad in the underside of the cap will soak up any residue condensation and of course the rod is kept straight and will not take on a set.

That aside, what a smart way to transport or display any fly rod.

The classic deep brown leather is stitched in contrasting white thread with twin brass pins securing the removable cap. On the inside is a very strong but light composite tube for protection.

Suitable for cane rods, glass rods or carbon rods, there is no better leather tube than one of these limited edition models

They will be collectable in their own right too so check them out on our website now.


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