Vintage fly reservoirs and cabinets

There are few collectables more pleasing to the eye than a display of vintage trout or salmon flies.

Beautifully tied multi-colour works of art each with its own story, they show well.

The cabinets and boxes in which they are stored can be collectable in their own right. Makers such as Hardy, Farlow, Malloch, Bernard and Carter and others provided a good range. Hardy Bros. were outstanding in their field offering a hugely diverse range of boxes, cabinets and wallets advertised in their famous Anglers Guides. Farlow advertised many wonderful cabinets including some multi later dry fly boxes that are both rare and amazing to show.

As a broad and sweeping statement, Wheatley of Walsall probably made many of them. I’ve said it before and don’t mind repeating how important Wheatley was/are in the fishing tackle business.

Cabinets in black japanned tin and oak or mahogany reflect back to the days when quality and style led the business.

A reservoir filled with beautiful hand-tied salmon flies is a centrepiece for any table or cabinet. Often in the large estate homes the cabinets were shown as a statement of wealth, more than just a fly box.

The Hardy Roxburgh and Unique wooden cabinets typify this with cabinet maker quality and superior fittings.

We are always keen to buy these cabinets, full or empty, and the world-wide market is strong with buyers looking for quality and originality.

It’s difficult to attribute the flies to the boxes and cabinets as being original. As you can imagine over the years flies would be lost, replaced, tied and swapped out for others.

That said, a fine display of traditional salmon or trout flies is difficult to beat in any cabinet display. So please do get in touch in you have any cabinets or antique/ vintage flies for sale or trade and let’s talk tackle.