Is the Grice & Young Agila an overlooked collectable fly reel?

When the name Grice & Young comes up you immediately think of centre pins such the Avon & Crown models, sea reels like the Jecta & Orlando plus large game reels in the Tatler range. All offer good value for money and a sturdy construction.

Well known for quality craftsmanship, G&Y followed a similar path to that of JW Young in supplying aircraft components during WW2.

Post-war, companies resumed their trade and the Agila fly reel was born, named after their Agila Works. This reel is seldom seen and less often talked about.

Various models exist; this is a second model, Size 3 with a three screw drum latch and oddly, a centre screw for trimming the spindle. This is weird as you normally see this feature on a centre pin reel, but this reel does not free spin.

Crackle finish alloy drum & smooth painted frame, a little name disc is riveted to the back plate. A twin spring and pawl check more than does the job, so why are there not more of these about?

Probably a combination of lack of advertising and the competitors’ products sealed it fate.

It must have been difficult to compete against the might of JW Young; they are a hard act to follow.

So, is it collectable? Yes.

Is it rare? Well it’s certainly scarce.

And value? Probably on par with a good JW Young Beaudex and with an interesting story to tell.

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