Hardy St George Salmon Reel

St George Salmon reel

This Hardy St George salmon reel is a low production reel dating from c. 1920-24.

Available in ‘take it or leave it’ 4-1/4” diameter only.

Somewhere between approximately only 80 – 100+ reels were produced in two patterns plus a variant or two along the way.

Hardy St George salmon reels

The reel was priced around 15% more expensive than the Perfect which at the time (and still is by many) was considered the ultimate fly reel; this factor may have contributed to the lack of interest in the St George salmon reel.

It’s an odd reel with a large winding barrel, large O ring line guide and pretty much large everything!

Hardy St George salmon

One of the rarest of all the St George reels; many collectors simple never see one.

We are lucky to have sourced and sold this one with buyers waiting for another, so if you have a  spare one hanging about, drop us a line at the detail below!

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