Another 100 rod & reel collection for Christmas

Just as we thought it was all over for Christmas, another call lands a fabulous 100 rod and reel collection.

Just a fraction of it is shown here, all to be listed shortly.

This time the content is varied and features approx. 70 salmon and trout game fly fishing rods from the 1970s to present day models.

Makers include Hardy, Thomas and Thomas, Daiwa, Bruce & Walker Hexagraph and others in a mix of glass fibre and carbon.

There is a continuing growing trend to use glass fibre rods in both salmon and trout angling. Not only are they sturdier than carbon, they have sweet mid-action and of course are in the affordable end of the market.

Reels included Tibor Riptide, Gulfstream and Everglade models plus Orvis and SDX saltwater specials, Hardy Perfects, Marquis plus the Mitchell reels we all know and most of us still use.  Additionally a large collection of accessories which we love including wicker creels, nets and Wheatley alloy fly boxes with tons of salmon flies.

All to be listed over the coming week or two, check our website for new updates daily.

So don’t be shy. If you have good collection, sea, game, coarse or saltwater fly, drop me a line with some basic details and let’s talk tackle!