Hardy Green Viscount is not a Princess

Hardy Bros. are well known for playing with colours and designs throughout the company’s history.

If you want something different and can pay, you stand a chance of getting it.

Probably one of the most collectable in the Hardy lightweight series of reels is the Green Princess.

Launched in 1953 and named after Princess Anne, it’s striking metallic light green finish with green handle and gilt fittings stand out from the otherwise grey crowd.

Last week we bought in this oddity, a green Viscount reel.

The reel has the Hardy Castle logo spool release but no other markings on the reel. The backplate is blank, the foot hand finished and yet all the fittings are Hardy through and through.

We have tried an alternative spool from a named Viscount and it fits perfectly. We believe this was a prototype finish that never hit the production line making it one very interesting reel for the collector.

Ever seen another?? Get in touch with your green Hardy variants. This one is available here: https://www.thomasturner.com/shop/prototype-vintage-hardy-viscount-150-green-finish-fly-reel-never-seen-another/

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