This is a real oddity in terms of the ring pattern and style.

The Hardy Farne rod is a greenheart three section sea rod with only one ring per section. These are all free swinging brass roller rings, two are fitted to the ferrules, the tip ring is of course on the tip and all are stamped Hardy Alnwick Reg No 313685.

The handle is covered in sheet cork and reel fittings consisting of the famous W fittings 16-8-73 patented by Emille Weeger of Switzerland, and many makers have used it as well as Hardy.
The brass butt cap A21411 dates the rod to 1907. The Farne rod remained in production from 1897 to 1939 which coincides with the Farne reel range. Launched in 1897 and falling from production in 1937, they were clearly a matched pair for sea boat and pier casting.

The reel went through 3 pattern changes but the rod remained the same for nearly 40 years other than a colour change in the whippings.

It’s a good find and desirable for the Hardy specialist collector. I would suspect a good example to be in the £150-250 bracket retail.