The Ainsco of Leeds reciprocating cam fishing reel.

One of the most elusive of all the threadline collectors reels is the Ainsco of Leeds reciprocating cam fishing reel.

Patented in 1932 by J. Hindle of Leeds on Patent No 389622, it followed in the Yorkshire vain of Chippindale, Illingworth and other early spinning reel designs.

The patent applies to a cam that operates a reciprocating line guide, in other words, it’s all about line lay.

Bulletproof build quality, it was often fished on the side of the rod, not underslung.

Winding from the rear was awkward unless it was fished in this method.


In my book Understanding Threadlines (1992) it carries an advert for the Ainsco.

The makers claimed ”greater value for money and more advantages than any other reel on the market” and with accolades from JHR Bazeley, one of the most famous of all coarse anglers, who wouldn’t buy one!?  Well it appears most people actually as the rarity of these reels would indicate low sales during its life.

I’ve seen perhaps 3 or 4 slight variants of the reel over the years.

I have been lucky enough to have owned 5 over the years, this example being loaned to us by our good friend and collector Chris Sandford.

Ainsco reel

All Ainsco reels are rare and values vary from under £500 to over £1,000.

To find a boxed example is the Holy Grail for any early spinning threadline collector so keep your eyes open and as we like to say, if in doubt – don’t chuck it out, check it out!


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