LONDON TACKLE BUY: Aerials, Speedia, Dingley & Farlow reels plus cased fish

A call from central London had me back on the road to see a lovely lady who had a good mixed vintage fishing tackle collection for sale.

Mainly Centrepin based, her hubby was a collector of anything that took his fancy, value was not the issue and it was more the thrill of the chase.

I bought approx. 20 reels, including Allcock’s Aerials, Dingley and Farlow Fly reels including an odd pattern I have to investigate further. The usual wood Nottingham reels and a few cased fish to boot, all of which we will be uploading to the website this coming week.

So, if you have similar mixed tackle collection for sale, specialist or random, get in touch, instant payment and no hassle and I even bring the biscuits!

Was that a click I heard, that will be the kettle?

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