As the word spreads Thomas Turner continues to be THE ONE to buy and sell with worldwide.

We are constantly offered collections of rare and fine vintage fishing tackle.

This one is a cracker! 

If we play the game of spot the rare one, you’re possibly going to struggle, or perhaps not.

The 9” Ex wide Fortuna in mint condition is very rare, the Silex major 2-9/16th with red rubber trigger is a tough reel to find. The Hardy Sea Altex sits front left alongside a 1924 wide drum Silex Major with factory 1/2 frame. The Super Silex multiplier with all the finish should find a good home quickly as will the brass face Perfect. The early Hardy Triumph in 4-1/4” wide is rare, a Mitre Hardy Gem is not common in gold finish with its box, although not expensive, it’s not common either. The Silex Ebona wide drum Mahseer is a great reel, but the one you should look at is right of the Hardy Fortuna reel.

The Hardy Tournament is one of only 3 made, in superb original condition with its matching wood box and spare parts.

All these and more of this and other fabulous collections will be online shortly.

If you have a collection to sell, rare, good, modern or old, get in touch. We’re ready to buy, no fuss, instant payment, and quality assured service.