In these days of uncertain retailing it’s difficult to plan for the future.

The old 5-year plan is out the window and for some shops, it’s more about short term survival.

At Thomas Turner, we have been contacting tackle shops in the UK and Europe looking to buy surplus quality tackle.

This Hardy ex-display collection from Europe is a prime example. This astute shop owner turned display items into hard cash to reinvest.

Three Hardy Limited Edition Perfect sets, 1912 and 1906 all in the outer display in leather cases are superb, the stunning Hardy Cascapedia will make a great gift to anyone and the Hardy wooden reel boxes rarely show up at all.

A large collection of Hardy and other fly lines, fishing waistcoats by Hardy, Orvis, and Barbour will sell well and a large collection of tying materials, the contents of which we will blog shortly.

So if your business could benefit from a cash injection from the sale of quality stock, get in touch and let’s have a discreet chat.