The Hardy Princess reel in green finish 1953-57 only

Probably one of the most collectable in the Hardy lightweight series of reels is the Green Princess.

Launched in 1953 and named after Princess Anne, it’s striking in metallic light green with green handle and gilt finish fittings.

Size range 3”, 3 1/4” and 3 1/2”; the one we have here is 3 1/4”.

The colour is a bit brash for Hardy, and in 1957 for whatever reason they changed to the more commonly seen grey finish, making the green examples a short run reel for collectors.

The Princess range allowed the angler to change from left to right hand wind, good marketing offering one model to suit all handed casters.

These green finish reels are notorious for losing the finish and the one we show here is a rare find.

It retains most of its factory finish, the check regulator is fully working and adjusts smoothly and it still retains a positive click to the check operation.

So for something very different, use or collecting the Hardy Green Princess is a good investment and they have only gone up and up in value too. At the time of writing, this one is still in stock here.

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