The Allcock”Stanley Felt-Fly” lure c 1955

This is a rare little fishing lure that came from one of the Midlands’ best-known tackle designers of the last century.

Most people will know Walter Stanley from his namesake threadline reel.

This took him over 30 years from the initial concept c.1910 to final production in the early 1930s by Allcock’s.

 Now that’s dedication or perhaps dogged stubbornness!

His reel achieved the same end result as an Illingworth or Chippindale but at a fraction of the price, sadly at a fraction of the quality too.

That said everyone should own a Stanley reel and if you’re completely mad, fish with one too.

There’s no better way to introduce this rare little lure.

Designed by Stanley (he also designed and patented a bait mount and landing net) the Felt-Fly is a truly novel design for salmon.

Designed to be used specifically with pilchard oil, its absorbent felt body retains the scent of the oil indefinitely. The celluloid fins mean it’s a spinner and central trace comes fitted with swivel and treble. I can imagine when it’s oiled and damp, sounds rude, it will cast well.

The stitched body is flexible and when wet it really does work, leaving an oily residue, in the wife’s kitchen sink!

Supplied in two colours, off-white as this was prior to the oil treatment, and red. It was available in lengths 1-3/4” and 2-1/4” in both colours. Costing 3/6d plus Purchase Tax, that’s approx. £6 in today’s money.

It’s a rarely seen little bait. You may well have passed over one in a jumble of lures at some stage but didn’t realise it, now you know!

This one comes with the box base and a seen better days gold leaflet.