100 rare Hardy reels & cases just arrived

Just when you think it’s safe to tuck your wallet away, think again!

 At Thomas Turner, we pride ourselves on being able to move fast and efficiently on collections large and small.

This collection of 100 rare Hardy reels and cases came out of nowhere this week.

The client knew we were THE ONLY ONE to contact with his large and valuable collection of vintage Hardy tackle. Within 3 days of the initial contact, the deal was sealed transferring tens of thousands of pounds into the client account the minute the deal was agreed. There is no better feeling than when both parties leave happy with the result.

This stunning collection, no two items the same will be listed over the next few days – here on the Thomas Turner website only, NOT eBay.

What do we have? A little taster below:

  • A Hardy Fortuna 8” with auxiliary brake
  • Hardy Fortuna 9”, 7” and 5” models
  • St George multiplier
  • Early The Silex Multiplier
  • Brass-faced 3 1/8” Perfect in leather case
  • Brass faced Houghton Perfect in leather case
  • A handful of 1912 salmon Perfects in the best condition
  • Bright finish The Matchfisher
  • LHW Jock Scott spitfire finish tournament
  • RHW Jock Scott with line winder
  • 3” Hardy Nottingham Silex
  • Dural St George
  • Dural St John
  • 3” St George Wallis with ventilated drum
  • 10 Hardy Longstone reels including rare Mr Mallet models
  • Hardy Filey
  • Natal Surf
  • A clutch of Ebona and Sea Silex reels
  • Dural Silex Major
  • The Monogram reel
  • Sunbeams
  • Surf Altex in the best condition I’ve seen
  • Altex, Hardex, Exalta and Elarex in volume
  • 5” Birmingham
  • 4” Hercules
  • 5” half ebonite.

The list just goes on. There’s also a collection of fabulous Hardy leather cases, Hardy angler’s knives No 1-5, oil bottles etc. This is one of the best condition varied Hardy collections to come to the market for years and just in time for Christmas too!

If you have a collection, similar or not, please do get in touch with us at Thomas Turner, we’re the number one vintage and modern fishing tackle specialist retailer.