Abu reel mania

We have been advertising for the fishing tackle shops to get in touch with any overstocks and part exchanges they have taken in.

When a gun shop called saying he had a few reels and rods leftover from his past tackle shop days, I went along to safely view.

Surprise, he liked ABU REELS, especially the closed face 506, 1044, and 507 models with the odd Daiwa chucked in for good luck.

So in true Thomas Turner style, we bought the lot, and his Shimano rods and Daiwa rods, other rods, and more rods.

So we have a lot of rods to list and many closed face reels for the traditional anglers too.

If you have a tackle shop with a box of trade-ins in the corner, get in touch and we can discuss increasing our stock and filling your till!