J A Coxe by the Bronson Reel Co Cradle 14/0

The massive Genuine J.A. Coxe Reel 14/0 big game reel built by The Bronson Reel Company of Michigan, USA c. 1930’s.

The main and obvious difference in this reel as opposed to most others is the linear alloy cradle in which it sits.

The good news is the line runs straight and low through the guides and does away with the common brass ferrule. The down side is it can only be used with its bespoke unique rod, which means Coxe gets another sale and you dig deeper into your wallet.

Coxe, a good friend of Zane Grey, specialised in multiplier reels and manufactured reels up to 12/0, although larger sizes such as this 14/0 could be ordered.

The reel has left and right hand wind capability and can be dismantled without tools, so yet another plus point. BUT the weight, on my goodness it’s a crippler even without the rod.

It’s no wonder anglers were strapped to the rod and reel then strapped to the wooden fishing chair, which was firmly bolted to the ships aft deck (note the nautical term). 

I have read of frightening tales of the rod, reel, angler and chair being torn from the deck by a huge fish, some never to be seen again. So the best place for this reel is the angler’s den, although additional shelving brackets will be required.