Nottingham Coin Reels

A long time collector buddy Mike came to a tackle event recently clutching a reel shaped cloth.

When he opened it, he produced this jaw dropping Nottingham Coin reel. These reels are unique in every sense with the Nottingham, Sheffield and Derby reel makers all involved.

Each reel is unique featuring silver coins from GB as well and around the world. Generally the centre large coin is larger, may be a coin of the realm or a medallion.

It you think the front is impressive, look at the back. To call it star back is an understatement. 

Hand formed German silver with clock maker’s precision screws. The detail is stunning and workmanship exquisite.

Most Nottingham wood reel collectors can live a lifetime and not locate a coin reel.












In 1992 when I wrote Rosewood to Revolution I had to rely on me ole pal Roger to provide a coin reel to photograph.

Over the 30 year period I only managed to collect a few and none of those from auction as the prices were sky high then.

How high? I hear you say, well, recently at auction a similar named reel soared over £4,000 so they are worth the hunt.