Giant Rapala and a brass faced Hardy Perfect reel?

Probably not a sentence you frequently hear.

At Thomas Turner nothing surprises us anymore.

This is a good varied collection that we bought last week along the “something for everyone” theme. The huge 30” long advertising Rapala in its box is a real statement piece. It’s little 4” buddy sits on top. To the front is a fine Hardy brass faced Perfect salmon fly reel in a Farlow block leather case.

There are various Allcock’s Aerials, Flick ’em and other centre pins, many of which are out of shot, plus a few brass reels. My favourite is the little Scottish Malloch all-brass on the Hardy Birmingham pattern. A clutch of Mitchell 300 Pro reels are included. We don’t see so many of these now and they will find good homes quickly.

The seller of this collection is moving from vintage to modern tackle and as always we are able to help with part exchanges, new for old, old for new, and any combination of the above. Don’t leave your redundant tackle in the wardrobe, loft, or garage. Get busy, dig it out, and send us a few good clear images to see if we can have a deal.

As always stay safe out there and remember its 100% safe to buy online from