The Kitchen’s Patent free spool reel 1920

If there was ever a truly mad invention in the fishing reel game this is it.

Mr J.G.A Kitchen designed a belt driven, free spool reel with a level wind device, getting his Patent application granted on January 30th1920. Patent 163,088 applies.

In brief, it took two full pages to describe its function and form.  It is a belt driven drum reel, operated by a side mounted handle, utilising a free spool sliding external lever, driving a toggle finger spreader at the front with a line lay internal mechanism.

What was Mr Kitchen thinking or drinking?

I was fortunate enough many years ago to buy from the Kitchen family three of his own reels. One standard 6” or trout size reel, partly assembled and two larger or salmon size models approx. 9” long. These larger models are really rare, both were unused and in today’s market they have to be one of the most desirable of all casting reels.

In what category do they fit? All and none because of the complexity of the arrangement .They looked like nothing else on the market, sales were slow, very slow and as a result few exist.

The one illustrated here has lost its coil spring drive band and has been fitted with a makeshift rubber band.  It worked, but not well.

Many collectors sadly never get their hands on a Kitchen’s Patent for the collection, but always good to know what they look like should you stumble across one.

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