Ari t Hart Trilogy reel Limited Edition set 130/200

Ari t Hart is probably one of the finest specialist reel makers in the world.

The Dutch designer and fly fisher is renowned for the highest level of craftsmanship and use of unusual design & materials to create some the most fabulous functional fly reels available.

You only have to Google his name and reams of interviews and dedications come up.

The reels and tackle accessories can be expensive, many in the thousands ££ when we talk of limited editions, one-off and exhibition pieces.

Here is what I consider to be a good value long term investment set.

The Trilogy set was sold c.2007, No. 130 of only 200 made, and comprises of one reel frame which accommodates three differing diameter spools, so it’s one reel for all trout fly fishing from brook to reservoir.

The sets come in a magnificent French polished wood box with maker’s brass logo plate on the lid. Opening it can be a bit of a wow moment as you see and appreciate the handmade engineering of the reels and spools.

Colour pamphlets, adjuster Allen key tools and a brass plaque to engrave the lucky owner’s name onto, it’s all simply amazing.

Any angler would be over the moon to receive this as a gift knowing it’s only going to go up in value too. This one is available here.

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