Hardy The Jet Midge fly rod for #3-1/2 line?

This lovely little rare rod came into us this week.

The Hardy Jet Midge 6’3” had a very short production run, appearing in the 1974 catalogue in text only, no images.

It disappeared along with the other Jet rods from the catalogues in 1975 to become the Fibalite series. I’m sure many of the Jet rods were available for years afterward in both retail shops and from the factory in Alnwick.

I have never seen one of these Midge rods and it’s a joy to handle.

Designed for line weight #3-1/2, how accurate or mad is that? Who was it that decided a #3 line was too light, and #4 was too heavy, and came up with #3-1/2?

If I find the line I am using is too light I tie on a Toby, that’s probably why I’ve not been invited to fish the Test.

A classic brown hollow glass blank, guides whipped orange, tipped burgundy, white spigot ferrule, 9 ½” cork handle with plastic wrap still on foregrip, light-alloy reel fittings

A wisp of a little rod for dry fly fishing, super collector condition, rarely seen, ready to fish, in maker’s original bag. But please, if you buy it, go and use it and send us a picture of the first fish you catch using it. Click here for more info.