Sexton Bigg, London reel maker 1881-1885

It’s a rare find this one.

We were using this reel in one of the TT videos and it features in the opening frames of each of them.

The maker is S. Bigg Maker 33 Russell Strt, Covent Garden, W.C. ( London)

Its what we call a half ebonite trout dry fly reel.

Sexton Bigg was only registered at this address for 4 years, 1881 to 1885, and we can’t find any trace of him afterwards.This is the first example I’ve seen from this maker, or more accurately retailer, as the reel was not made by him but for him by another manufacturer, as was common at the time.

A dry fly size of only 2 1/2″ diameter, polished brass faceplate and ebonite backplate with nickel or German silver front rim. The reel and handle turns freely and check works still.

A rare reel for any collector, available here

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