Hardy No4 Sportsman’s Walking-Stick 1927 on.

This is a fine useable & collectible accessory from Hardy Bros, Alnwick. This 1920/30’s No 4 Sportsman Walking-Stick is a rarity these days.

There are 5 model variants in the range, this being the complicated one. Having more features than the others, it’s fun to play with and show.

You can see the idea, a folding 3 leg stick and seat in one for any outdoor sportsman, angler, hiker or shooter.

Patented by Hardy, “the revolving height adjustable seat allows the shooter to swing around following his bird” (I should have had one of these in the pub last week) and features a telescopic hammock top, just loving the phraseology of the older hardy catalogues.

In terms of collectables, these are hard to find. The condition of this one is superb and therefore we have applied an asking price of £550. Click here to buy it.