Allcock’s Commodore big game and big value fishing reel

Allcock's Commodore

Allcock’s “Commodore” 6 inch Saltwater Boat Reel is often overlooked by collectors in favour or Hardy, Farlows and their famous USA counterparts.

This is a serious hunk of metal aimed at those looking for skate, tope, conger, etc. as their catalogue entry states.

This reel is the Model C605 with a friction brake to the rear.

An extract from Allcock’s 1968 catalogue states that this reel was – “In stainless steel, of rugged construction and built to carry 300 yds of 120 lb B.S. braided line. Lined friction brake, screw drag, strong optional check, easy grip handle, stout Bickerdyke line guard, stainless steel throughout.”

This reel was selected for exhibition at the Council of Industrial Design’s London show-room when it was manufactured.

These can be collected at a real bargain price for either the angler or collector. The trick is to get the original box; the reel was so heavy it tended to destroy the outer card box making its difficult to get the complete set.

As with all collectables, if it had a box and papers when it left the factory, the value is increased if these are still with the package now.

At the time of writing you can expect to pick up a boxed mint example at £100-150, less than a good meal for four!

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