1600 Rapala Lures, not even I could lose this lot!

The Thomas Turner European advertising campaign is clearly working.

We were contacted by a tackle shop in the northern French/Spanish region. They were changing their business retail plan.

They’d been Hardy and Rapala agents for many years so we were delighted to be able to buy the entire fishing stock. They specialised in fly fishing, fly tying materials and spinning gear.

We were surprised to learn they had 1600 new boxed Rapala boxes lures as well; we just had to buy them all. A tiny selection is shown here.

So when the container truck arrived today, we could not wait to open the pallets of boxes, its like Xmas in July.

These lures will be listed shortly and be sold in packs of five.

We will do our best to try to find the “pink lipped, large eye wiggle bum flapper jack” you always wanted but once they are listed in packs, that’s the way they stay.

Additionally we will be listing the Hardy reels, lines and tackle, but that blog is for another day.

If you run a tackle shop/ business and wish to liquidate some stock, give us a call to discuss. It’s a discreet service which many dealers find useful in these changing times with immediate payment on the day of sale.