Custom built 5’6” 2 piece spinning rod in the Wanless style

I just had to tell this story.

I met a young chap called Roy, 88 years young who lives in Birmingham England.

He called me to his home to look at and buy his fishing gear. His collection of mainly modern fly fishing rods had a hidden gem.

The outstanding piece is this little 5’6” long spinning rod, built he tells me in the Wanless style. 

Hand-built in Redditch some 20-30 years ago, he couldn’t remember the builder but that’s not important in this story. It’s a beautiful little wisp of a thing.

Roy had recently lost his close neighbour and long-time fishing pal and also lost the urge to go fishing.

In the local pub a few guys chatted with Roy and found he had a 2nd passion and so they indulged him by taking him to a meet that weekend. What sort of Meet? Well, with the proceeds of the fishing tackle sale, Roy is now looking for a scrambler motocross bike and at the grand age of 88 he’s taking up dirt biking.

We laughed about the whole scenario and I applaud Roy for his outlook and goes to show, fisher folk are all mad!

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