Hardy all brass Perfect salmon fly reel £12,000

This is a rare Hardy all brass Perfect reel from the c.1892 period. The reason it’s a bit vague is because we have not seen another like it, and it’s difficult to pin it down exactly, which makes it all the more interesting.

It’s the unusual position for the ball bearing that makes this really interesting.

Model 612, it is 4” diameter with German silver rim and pillars, face plate with large centre hole stamped to edge “Hardy’s Alnwick Pats No 18373-612”, Rod in Hand trade mark and three screw heads holding the tooth wheel to reverse, original white handle (with the usual crack), strapped tension regulator with Turks lock screw, 2 screw brass foot stamped “120”, secured to the nickel rim with a stubby nickel pillar, the foot blade has two oval and one round holes, a slight kink to one end of the foot is evident.

The dished face is fully ventilated with a large hole right through the reel (you can see daylight) the drum core is perforated too.

Inside the check is fully working; all ball bearings are in place.

To dismantle this reel, hold it handle side up, secure the drum against the frame with the other hand and unwind the plate on the short fat threaded boss. Holding the frame the same way, lower the spool into your hand and the bearings will stay with the drum.

With an asking price of £12,000 it will end up with one of the serious collectors in the Hardy world.

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