Warner of Redditch Patent 1887 reel fitting

This is a rare early named J E Warner of Redditch rod along with their Patent reel fitting.

 This 15’- 3 piece greenheart salmon fly rod has spliced joints complete with spare tip.

It became evident in the 1880s that reel foot blade fittings were changing.

Early wood and brass reels tended to have long feet, well in excess of 120mm, and this caused issues with standard rod fitting. Additionally, when fishing with a small reel sometimes it would not secure properly at all.

Warner of Redditch patented this fitting in 1887 under Patent No 5871.

In essence, it could be fitted to any position of the handle with 2 screws. I’ve seen these on both later cork handles and greenheart rods. 

Additionally, because of the V shape of the reel shoe it would secure almost any foot blade.

In this case the fitting is on the rod from the factory with the Warner cross spear logo on the butt cap.

It’s always worth opening bags and checking all the rod as unusual and rare fittings can be missed if not checked thoroughly.