Thomas Cemm of Vancouver, BC Canada

This is a rarely seen Thomas Cemm Maker, Vancouver BC Canada bright finish alloy fly reel.

Clearly influenced by the Hardy St John, it’s similar in most aspects of the design if not a little heavier.

Cemm was prolific in the 1940-50s along with a handful of other Canadian makers, most of whom had the Hardy influence too. He seems to have made 3 basic patterns, this one, a Mooching reel, and a trolling reel.

The unnamed mooching reel I believe is a Cemm, but if it’s not I’m sure you will advise.

The internal check is similar to the Hardy Longstone and a bit industrial in its form. I know there is a following for these reels from the various blogs and forums I’ve read.

The 4″ diameter fly reel is fitted with correct factory (popular) red reverse taper handle, 3 screw latch and working rim tensioner, smooth check operating clicker, shaped smooth foot, twin internal MK2 style check and pawls, fine original bright finish and comes with its rarely seen correct original box. Although part of the label is lost, it’s still the box. Oh! Did I mention the box is rare? 

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