The Hardy Eddystone big game sea reel 1964-66

If there was ever a Hardy collectors reel that is value for money it’s this one.

The Eddystone was a budget pressed alloy big game collectors reel with a huge hand brake lever to apply the extra pressure to persuade monsters to come up from the deep.

The reels are all the same, silver drums, grey frame and fittings, BUT the quality sadly let them down.

Unlike the Fortuna reels (for Tuna) these were a last-ditch effort at producing and selling a drum type reel, but in all honesty the multiplier, like the larger Penn reels, changed the way we fished for huge fishes.

So the Eddystone remained in production only 3 years, not that many about, to find a minty one is hard as the paint comes off really easily.

Values sub-£300 and slowly on the up. A a good long-term investment and a lump on the shelf for not much money. At the time of writing this one is in stock here.