The world’s largest Hardy Selvyt bag

When I first saw this, I thought, aye-aye, what have we here?

Has someone been messing about at a stag party with a Selvyt bag to make it more interesting? No!

We all understand Hardy will make most anything bespoke if you have the money.

On its own in the first image there is no sense of scale but as more images appear it makes sense.

When you have bought what has to be one of Hardy’s biggest reels, the 9” Ex wide Fortuna with an outrageous aux. hand brake, larger than a 1970’s Mini Cooper, of course you would want a special protection bag.

After careful examination it is apparent the bag is all original. It has never been added to or extended and was probably produced for the reel at the factory to get the fitment correct.

Not seen anything like it Mrs!

I was tempted to write if you have an odd shaped Selvyt bag send some images but that probably opens up a whole new thread.