The Holliday 30 spinning reel: Italy and USA combine their skills

Edward Small of Boston Massachusetts is responsible for this little beauty.

The Holliday 30 reel is part of a range of reels in large and small sizes. They were sold for a short period in the 1960s having been Patented in 1959.

Manufactured by the Zangi reel company of Torino, Italy and sold through the Holliday Reel Co in E. Taunton Mass. USA, it’s yet another marriage of convenience between manufacturer and volume retailer.

This little bullet shaped #30 reel sits in your hand, has a super smooth drag adjuster and a slot line pick-up on the side of the flier. It’s claimed it eliminated trapped line, which normal bail arm reels struggle to cure.

With interchangeable spools, it’s claimed on the leaflet that the reel can be changed from freshwater to saltwater in a matter of seconds without tools.

A drag adjuster sits just behind the handle and works well. A great collectable spinning reel for both USA and Italian spinning reel collectors.

The one here is new old shop stock, boxed and comes with makers leaflet.