Why the long face?

It seemed like a good idea to buy one of the fibreglass part-built rods from our own website (there are more listed), whip on the rings from the pack included and hey presto an 8’ fibreglass stalking rod. Match it with a vintage Edgar Sealey Flocast Mk3 spinning reel by JW Young and add a new 5lb line.

This was my first visit to the Staffordshire little pool, more of a mini Redmire. It’s scarcely 1 acre in size and 24” deep at best. It is an idyllic setting.  Only 4 feet between the water and the fence behind, it’s a challenge to get settled properly. Established lily pads, the mallards, coots, and assorted wildlife are a joy to watch. Behind me and within biting distance stood two horses from the adjacent racing stable, “Why the long face?” I said!

The bread was too hard to fish so I fed the horses, BIG mistake. For the rest of the event, they snorted, slobbered and stamped the ground for more bread, frightening off any margin carp.

A few loose baits went in, followed by my disgorger then sun glasses.

My only modern waggler float ended up decorating a tree (I saw many others up there too) and then finally with my first decent cast it was cuppa time.

Settling down to a hot tea I missed the first bite, lost a high-speed carp on the second (barbless hooks), caught the world’s smallest perch on the third, actually it was more of a matchstick with eyeballs, then nothing. More tea vicar?

As the session played out I managed a few small carp, a squidgy little tench, mini Rudd, perch, and other bits.

However what struck me was how much fun you can have with vintage tackle on a budget.

For the same price I had paid for an entry-level Shimano reel the previous week (which already wobbles on the handle) I have this 60-year old reel built in the tradition of quality first, price second. When the best carp screamed toward the pads, the ratchet on the Sealey was sublime. 

The fibreglass rod cost me even less and the satisfaction of part building your own rod is right up there.

So my master plan: build another rod, get a late model Ambidex or matching Sealey, improve my casting, make my own floats, don’t take bread and wear sunglasses with a lanyard, simple!