The Allcock’s Aerial reel, is it a good investment?

I’m tempted to say YES and end it there, but had better elaborate a little.

Over the four decades I’ve been collecting, as sure as the sun comes up in the morning there is always a collector who wants an Allcock’s Aerial reel.

Launched in the 1890’s it ran until the late 1960’s with Allcock’s, then other spurious makers ongoing.

Aerials come in many forms; perhaps over 300 models exist so it’s a huge spread, as are the prices they realise.

You can pick up a well-used but practical Aerial for about £100, a narrow drum match for £100-200 and more for mint examples.

If we go back to the 1920’s era there is a series of reels with model codes 7590 that stand out as useable, collectable and on the increase.

Some Aerials have dropped back in price to sensible levels. The madness of 5-10 years ago when 3 or 4 collectors were bashing heads at auctions and prices rocketed with Coxon roller back models selling just shy of £10k including commission, ouch!

Of course as time goes by, the competition get the same reel elsewhere and the prices drop back to a sensible market value based on rarity and condition.

Just a note on the roller back reels, these are sometimes difficult to spot as the rollers may not be visible from the outside of the backplate, especially on the wood back models. In fact the rollers are not that obvious from the front view, as the image shown demonstrates.

I recall at a tackle show may years ago a trader had a reel out at say £500. It appeared to be a standard reel that would have been worth £200 so no one picked it up. Fortunately I did, popped off the drum and exposed the rollers underneath, result ££, so check out everything as it may not be what it appears at first glance.

I digress, back to the story: the alloy Aerial model shown here dates from the 1920’s.

It’s a 3-1/2” diameter wide drum model with crazed ivorine handles, 6 spokes on the front, tension brake regulator on one spoke, solid back flange and V spring calliper check.

These are well made, strong and useable for many types of river fishing, plus they look great!

Values £300- 600 currently (November 2018), you will always find a buyer. Add to this they will soon become true antiques, 100 years old, so a good slow burner for the future. Buy it here.

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